Database Development

All databases are unique. Everyone's needs are different and databases can be simple or complex. We design and develop any of these requirements. We will listen to your exact requirements and provide you with a quotation. You are under no obligation to proceed with the job but all our customers have been satisfied with our services and as you can see, have come back for more........... here are a few examples ......

GP Appraisals - PGMDE, UHW

Student Registration - Dermatology Dept, UHW

Drug Manufacturing - Pharmacy Dept, UHW

Members Database - Severn Estuary Partnership, UHW

Customers and Orders Scheduling Database - Hastie Group PLC

Swansea Young Families Database - NCH Cymru

Welsh Voluntary Organisations Funding allocations - The Welsh Office

Caerphilly Young People Database - NCH Cymru

Pharmacy Personnel Database - UHW

Caerphilly Information and Planning Service - NCH Cymru

Patient / Shared Care Database - Pharmacy, UHW

Stop Smoking Campaign Wales - Good Relations







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